Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the confusion and changes. My other blog ( was tied to a different account than my account. When I closed the account, it closed the blog, and the site refused to allow me to use that name again. Thus, the new name:

For those of you who didn't read the original blog (tisk-tisk), this will be the place to get updates on my trip. So, feel free to make this your home page, add it to your toolbar, or otherwise solidify it as a part of your daily (or hourly, as the case may be) internet-browsing routine. As I hope I have sufficiently expressed, I am incredibly thankful to the Lord for each one of you and your continued support and encouragement. You have even made support raising an enjoyable experience (no small feat). So, thank you.

In Him,

PS: For those of you who missed the story about the name "twiga goes home" it is again:  In high school I took my first trip to Africa. While there, I was nicknamed "twiga meupe" (pronounce twee-gah my-oop-eh) which is Swahili for "white giraffe." During that trip, the Lord solidified my love and passion for Africa and for missions. Each time I have returned to Africa, it has felt a little more like home. So, thanks to the Lords provision and your generosity and encouragement, "twiga" is going home on August 15 (that is my departure date, for those of you who asked).